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Custom Seed & Fertilizer Mixtures

Transit Seeding Inc., based in Norfolk, Massachusetts, enters its sixth decade of providing state-of-the-art hydroseeding services to the landscaping industry. From seed mixtures to fertilizer mixtures, you can count on us to provide you with a variety of beneficial treatments for your lawn.
Truck, Fertilizer Mixtures

Improving the Hydroseeding Process to Deliver Excellent Results

We are as proud of our hydroseeding heritage, as we are committed to advancing and enhancing the unique hydroseeding process. This process has evolved from the early rudimentary spray application of seed and fertilizer into a technological specialty, which today includes the application of:
• Grass Seed Mixtures
• Pasture Seed Mixtures
• Wildflower and Specialty Seed Mixtures
• Mineral Fertilizers
• Chemical Fertilizers
• Granular Limestone
• Pelletized Limestone
• Bonded Fiber Matrix
• Tackifiers
• Soil-Stabilizing Latex Copolymers
• Hybrid Cellulose Fiber Mulch
• Wood Cellulose Fiber Mulch
Contact us to schedule a hydroseeding treatment for your home or business's lawn.